$100,000 – $250,000 PER YEAR ONCE ESTABLISHED.

Our Proprietary Apprenticeship Program will help you build a 6-figure coaching income from a standing start

Leader Publishing Worldwide is the global leader in online business coaching services and training. Over the years, we’ve created a highly successful step-by- step process for SYSTEMATICALLY closing $10,000 to $50,000 coaching clients on the spot.

We’ve developed a new results-based program that will teach any serious business coach EXACTLY how to…

  • Find, engage and close HIGH dollar coaching clients
  • Coach their new clients so they see immediate financial results
  • Retain those new clients for years… NOT just months!

We’ve just completed our beta test training program with 15 brand new business coaches… and those coaches claim this new results-based approach has totally changed the face of business coaching forever.

We’re now providing an exclusive, proprietary apprenticeship program to a select number of coaches… and at our COST.

However, due to the personal training and one-on-one attention this course provides, we must restrict access to just 15 coaches ONLY.

If you’re a serious-minded business coach… or you’re a life or health coach that is considering business coaching as a career, then this world-class apprenticeship program will enable you to hit the ground running and propel you into the top tier of highly paid business coaches worldwide.

This program does NOT exist outside of our company and was specifically built using our own highly proprietary intellectual property.

We will be investing thousands of dollars in training, resources and personal one-to-one coaching to help you get started, so we will be extremely selective in who we choose for the limited spots we have available.

For consideration of one of 15 available positions; click the link below and schedule a 15-minute chat.

Please note that applying does NOT guarantee acceptance.

Our one-to-one phone interview will determine your eligibility to being selected for this elite opportunity.

This new apprenticeship program will 100% sell out… so apply QUICKLY if you want to be considered.

We’re looking forward to speaking with you shortly.